The Window

Naomi Peterson is months away from graduating from high school when a haunting dream she has had since she was a little girl, resurfaces. Living with her mom, who is suffering from depression since her dad abandoned them, Naomi seeks solace from her prophetic dreams and writes them down in a very special journal. As the last two months of high school wind down, Naomi finds herself at the crossroads of a two-year mismatched relationship and discovers that she is falling for someone new. Daniel is her first love and is all she has ever known when it comes to a companion, but Joseph is a southern gentleman, who is refreshing and has a lot in common with Naomi. But, does she end something that has brought her comfort during the most trying times of her life, or pursue something that is new and uncertain? In the midst of everything she is up against, Naomi has a profound dream and records the memory of it in the journal of which she holds very dear. When this journal mysteriously goes missing, the world Naomi lives in changes forever.

The Open Door (Sneak Peek)

Joseph shoots up from the ground and we both start to run as fast as we can. It’s kind of difficult to run in flats, apparently my days as a track star are really paying off right now. As I run, the story of Lot comes to my mind. I never could understand why his wife would do something so stupid and look back when she was told specifically not to. In this moment I realize how hard it must have been for her.  I want to look back. I want to know if this strange guy is still following us. Or, better yet, running after us. When we reach the hotel we don’t slow down. Joseph pants out, “Keep going.” We past the receptionist desk and the night clerk, Claudia, waves in confusion as I say in passing, “Hi, Claudia!”

Instead of taking the elevator, Joseph heads for the stairwell. My legs begin to burn at the recollection of my hotel room being on the third floor. At this point, I notice that there’s no one behind us, but Joseph isn’t slowing down. When we reach the last flight of stairs, I stop to catch my breath. Hunched over and bearing down on my knees, completely out of breath, I manage to breathe out, “Joseph, he—is—not—behind—us.” He finally stops. His hands on his hips and sweat dripping from his head, he turns around to see if what I am saying is true. Taking in a deep breath, he sits down on the top stair. He fixes his eyes on mine and says, “We have to get you out of here, Naomi.”