Meet Santita

Santita D’Anjou is a native of Augusta, Georgia. In 2008′ she graduated from Augusta State University with a bachelor’s degree in Education. Her favorite pastime is reading and writing, so shortly after her second child, she went back to college to complete a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in reading. Although she is a teacher by day, her nights are spent writing and delving into what her students are reading. According to Santita, teaching is the most rewarding job she ever could imagine having. With the support of her husband, John, Santita began writing, The Window, because of her strong belief in how dreams are more than what they seem. She says, The Window is the first of many and prays that Naomi’s story empowers every reader to dream big.


Because of her writing and teaching schedule, Santita does not share her email address and is unable to respond to emails. Please free to contact her via her social media sites!  Thanks for understanding!

Social Media

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